The culprit was revealed to be the 7-years-old girl’s brother, who was tortured to death after being sexually abused.

According to sources, the culprit had been sexually assaulting his sister for many months.

For the concern of becoming noticed by family members, the 14-year-old boy admitted to murdering his sister.

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District Police Officer (DPO) Bilal Iftikhar Kayani praised the policemen and awarded monetary awards for locating and apprehending the culprit.

Almost a month earlier, the police retaliated after a worker, Abdul Ghafoor, reported his 7-year-old daughter disappeared from the residence to the Bada Ghar police station.

Anjum Rizwan Cheema, the in-charge cop, was tasked with investigating the missing girl case. He and some other police officers started looking for the missing girl throughout the village and surrounding regions. Initially, the authorities were unable to locate the little girl.

The girl’s body was recovered in a field near the town that day after she was reported to the police. According to preliminary findings, she was discovered dead after being raped.

After examining the site, DPO Kiani, Bada Ghar DSP Circle Mian Khalid Mehmood, SHO Muhammad Botha Dogar, and the in-charge cop took control and gathered evidence.

Following a hunt, police apprehended the culprit. According to reports, the victim’s brother’s DNA sample was tallied, confirming his evil acts.

During the course of the inquiry, the accused admitted to the crime.

According to police, Saqlain allegedly admitted to sexually abusing his younger sister over several months.

The juvenile offender also admitted to sexually assaulting wildlife.

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DPO Kiani stated that the rape-murder event represented society’s moral degradation. To avert such horrific atrocities, we must resurrect our principles, he continued.

According to the DPO, he and his staff will communicative lectures at all academic institutions so that youngsters may learn about their principles. He urged individuals to come out and play their part in preventing similar occurrences. “We must give our youngsters with both education and training.”

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