Ahsan Khan is a Pakistani actor who works internationally. He began his acting career in 1998 and is now the country’s biggest star. He works in both Pakistan and the United Kingdom. His acting abilities are unique in the field, and he is consistently lauded for his skills and performance.

Ahsan khan recently appeared in the couple show alongside his wife. Hina and Agha, the hosts, asked all sorts of fun questions about the two. The hosts asked Ahsan’s wife if she is possessive of her husband and gets jealous of his love scenes. Being the wife of someone who has romanced almost every country’s heroine stands to be a valid question. Everyone is curious to know the answer.

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Moreover, Ahsan’s wife’s answer was no different from what the host and the audience expected. Fatima initially said she used to be very possessive about Ahsan, but as time passed, she accepted it as his career and his romantic scenes did not bother her. She further added no matter what her husband does, he has to come back home so she is no longer worried about it. Ahsan does not give her a chance to be insecure.

Ahsan Khan with family

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Further, the same question was asked of Ahsan Khan about his wife. Hina asked if Ahsan is a possessive husband. Ahsan replies that Fatima does not give her a single chance to be a cautious husband. He is glad that he is the only person Fatima has ever been in a relationship with. They both got married at a very young age and Fatima did not have the opportunity to look into other guys. Now the two are busy raising their children.

Divorce is becoming very common in the entertainment industry. Seeing people living together in a happy relationship is eye candy.




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