The federal cabinet has approved the 2021-2026 Automotive Industry Development and Export Plan (AIDEP). The plan aims to secure the automotive industry by bracing up its safety features.

The plan will be implemented by June 2022. All car dealers and manufacturers are required to comply with the WP.29 list of safety regulations or they will be banned from selling the cars.

UN Regulation WP.29 contains provisions (for vehicles, their systems, parts, and equipment) related to safety and environmental aspects. They include performance-oriented test requirements, as well as administrative procedures.

These rules have already been outlined in United Nations Economic Commission for Europe but implementation on them in Pakistan is required. The government previously, in 2020 tried implementing the plan but saw resistance from the local company. However, now it has made the implementation mandatory.

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The safety of people is the priority and the government is working hard to match international standards of safety and security. UNEC is already followed by 64 countries worldwide and is a benchmark for safety measures for the Pakistani automobile industry.

In the near future, cars without airbags would not be seen on the roads. Any resistance from the companies will lead to strict punishment from the government. The company will be completely banned.

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Below is a list of cars without airbags:

  • Suzuki Alto VX
  • Suzuki Cultus VXR
  • Suzuki Wagon R VXR & VXL
  • Suzuki Bolan
  • Suzuki Ravi
  • Changan Karvaan
  • United Bravo
  • United Alpha

Clearly, it would be a big hit for Suzuki for not having airbags in their cars. In order, to survive in the market, Suzuki and other automobile companies would have to add airbag features in their upcoming cars.

Cars without airbags are a norm in Pakistan; one of the reasons for several fatalities as a result of drivers dying in accidents. Pakistan has a high rate of car accidents and mandating airbags is one way to protect causalities and secure the country.



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