On Monday, it was revealed that Prime Minister Imran Khan has instructed the Establishment Division to investigate AIG police Hyderabad area Dr Jamil Ahmed for “financial and moral corruption, misuse of power, and unwanted actions.”

According to an information report submitted to the prime minister, Ahmed was reportedly receiving Rs1.5 to Rs2 million per month from each of the 15 districts he oversaw, according to the prime minister’s secretary, Mohammad Azam Khan, in a letter dated May 5 to the establishment secretary.

The AIG also “takes [a] cut on posting of under command police personnel.” AIG has also “illegally taken three rooms at Circuit House, Hyderabad […] his two kids are abusing their father’s position and conducting fire practice at Circuit House, which is located in a crowded area,” according to the report.

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The prime minister instructed the Establishment Division to legally move against the official under Rule 18(2) of the Civil Servants (Efficiency & Discipline) Rules, 2020, citing instances of the official’s “corruption.”

Earlier this year, the AIG Jamil Ahmed was in the spotlight after the province’s senior police officer reversed his order to create a crime control unit, which was reportedly manned by questionable personnel.

Ahmed’s formal order to construct a “regional crime control cell,” or “R3C,” was knocked down by Sindh Inspector General of Police (IGP) Mushtaq Mahar in April, saying the cell had been “maliciously constituted in defiance of regulations and instructions issued time and time again” by the IGP’s office.

According to information obtained by Dawn from Hyderabad and Karachi police officials, a few people linked with the AIG office and R3C had questionable histories in one way or another. They were either retired officers or had been discharged from the military.

“All of these individuals are involved in the smuggling of maava (tobacco mixed mild drug), betel nut, cigarettes, and Indian gutka from Iran to Sindh through Balochistan,” a source added.

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They were running what they called a “line” in the region to guarantee that items were delivered to traders in Karachi and Hyderabad. According to the informant, Iranian oil also went through this “line.”

Also in April, the AIG’s sons humiliated lower-level employees of the local circuit house by tying them to a tree to “teach them a lesson.”

The AIG’s sons are “extremely rowdy and arrogant, and they embarrass the workers every now and again,” according to Sajjan Khaskheli, general secretary of the regional works and services union. He had said that police officers were not spared.

Since Aug 28 last year, the AIG has been residing in a suite at the circuit house that was designed for the Sindh chief minister, but he has not paid any rent, according to administration official.

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