On May 1, Ali Zafar, a well-known Pakistani musician, actor, music composer, and songwriter, launched a new song in honour of Pakistani workers on World Labour Day.

Ali announced the news on his Instagram page, saying that the song was a tribute to the hard work, determination, and indomitable spirit of the Pakistani workers, who were working under harsh economic circumstances during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Hum Mazdoor | A salute to the labourer,” Ali captioned his album on Instagram. “This Labour Day, we pay tribute to the hard work, determination, and indomitable spirit of our labour workers, who are suffering unprecedented economic challenges as a result of the coronavirus pandemic,” he said.

“As we celebrate the labour That built up this great land From field to field, desk to desk, and hand in hand we must not forget the role of women whose struggle against odds is a source of inspiration for all.”

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Ali thanked Ahsan Asghar, Ahmed, Hassan Badshah, Rehman Faris, Khizar, Syed Owais Shah, Mubashir, Farwa Hassan Rizvi, Taha Sadaqat, @iamcaros, and Billu Production for their contributions to his new song in an Instagram update. Sarfraz Niazi, BlackBox, Think Epic, Awais Abid Khan, Walid Akram, Baber Arif, and Usama Latif have all received special thanks from him.



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