Anmol Noor, a TikTok diva is known for sharing daring clips over social media. Recently, she was put into the limelight after a secret video while taking drugs appeared on social media.

The short fifteen-second video went viral over social media in no time. Condemning the video, most of the viewers scolded Anmol for obscenity.

The video features a man sniffing cocaine off Noor’s bare chest. TikTok star Anmol Noor seems to be enjoying the whole experience.

Moreover, as per social media users, tiktokers like Anmol Noor share immoral clips to gain followers. Spreading indecent videos help them gain huge like in a short time.

A Twitter user seeks justice against Anmol for publicly consuming drugs.

He said, “we are waiting for the justice system to check this girl and boy what they are doing.”

On the other hand, TikTok star Anmol Noor did not respond to the criticism following her indecent video. It is not clear whether the boy sniffing cocaine off her chest is her boyfriend or otherwise linked to her.  It is also unclear if it’s real cocaine or they used some other powder just for the sake of the video.

Anmol is also frequently chastised for uploading images of herself in lewd costumes on social media. Perhaps it is another strategy to attract followers and likes on social media.


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