Pakistani host VJ Anoushey Ashraf is always confident with her words. She is an animal activist and a social worker. She is known for her forthright demeanour and for giving her two cents on everything. Pakistani men in Turkey are trending on Twitter. #PakistanGetOut & #PakistaniPerverts is trending on Twitter for the past few days.

Anoushey Ashraf Instagram story

A majority of Pakistanis have immigrated to Turkey. Pakistanis have always been invited to Turkey but now Turkish women feel insecure around Pakistani men. They want the immoral and evil men to leave the country.

Esra Bilgiç famously known as Halime Sultan in Pakistan faced harassement by local men for wearing revealing clothes. Similarly, other Turkish women face harassement for wearing dresses of their choice. Therefore, they want the immoral immigrants to go back to their country.

Esra Bilgic

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Commenting on the issue, Anoushey Ashraf chastised these men. She states that, despite what others may think, women feel unsafe with all local guys. She is somewhat correct in that women do not feel safe in their own nation. Cat calling and indecent staring are especially prevalent on Pakistani streets.

Anoushey posted about the trend on her Instagram account, criticizing Pakistani guys. She believes that penalizing and socializing men to respect women is necessary. The issue has now surpassed national lines and poses a threat to the country’s reputation.

Moreover, Pakistan and Turkey have long had friendly ties. For years, the two countries have shared fraternity and have always been highly supportive of one another.

This is the first instance that news of this nature is trending on social media since the start of the relationship. If nothing is done, the relationship between the two countries may suffer.





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