Asad Umar, Federal Minister and NCOC Chief declared on Tuesday that the government will begin offering walk-in Covid-19 vaccines to all people over the age of 40 from tomorrow (Wednesday).

Citizens must simply give their CNIC number to 1166 to register for the vaccine. Vaccination centres are available across Pakistan but will be closed for the first two days of Eid, according to the ruling party’s official.

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Umar also declared on Tuesday that a vaccination campaign for Pakistanis over the age of 18 would begin after Eidul Fitr, but he was concerned about vaccine supply.

In addition, the PTI leader shared data on COVID-19 mortality in Pakistan. According to estimates from Pakistan’s top control agency, mortality rates are as follows: less than 1% for those under 40, 1.8 percent for those 41-50, 3.8 percent for those 51-60, 7.2 percent for those 61-70, 11.1 percent for those 71-80, and over 15% for those over 80.

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