A female from Islamabad has reported a harassing incident that occurred during a Careem ride.

She claimed that as soon as the trip began, she sensed something wasn’t quite right. She began disregarding the issue since the driver would not quit gazing at her through the rear-view mirror. She was aware of the routes and saw the captain taking a longer course. This alarmed her, so she urged him to make a right turn, but the driver instead yelled at her.

The driver was meant to drop her off at E-7 but instead went towards Koh e Noor Textile. Because the girl was unfamiliar with the locality, she was unable to terminate the ride. She kept track of herself on Google Maps and realised she was on the right track. Unfortunately, he chose a route that did not lead to Islamabad. She also saw the driver engaging in inappropriate activity while gazing at her. When the situation became too much for her, she pretended to contact a relative who was an army general in order to scare the driver away from going any farther.

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Fortunately, the phone stunt paid well for the girl, as the driver became a little hurried in listening to the fact that she comes from an army family. The driver attempted to defuse the situation by regaining control and returning to the correct path.

The youngster was fortunate in that her brain responded appropriately to the circumstances, and she escaped safely. But, she wondered, what if she hadn’t performed so deftly and the driver had gotten carried away with his lust?

The girl shared all the details of the driver on Twitter.

SSP operations Islamabad Syed Mustafa Tanweer was quick to observe and directed ASP to investigate.

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Is this how dangerous Careem has become? Can the driver not be reported and held accountable now that all his details are shared? He is a threat to many more defenceless females.




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