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Changan Exports First Ever Locally Made Vehicle

First ever locally munufactured Changan SUV

A firm locally built an automobile and exported it abroad for the first time in the history of Pakistan’s automotive industry. The automobile was manufactured and shipped by Master Changan Motors under the Auto Industry Development and Export Policy (AIDEP 2021-2026).

The change in policy aims to assist Pakistan’s car sector and keep it from going into bankruptcy. All of Pakistan’s key industries are now struggling. This is a great step toward attracting international investment.

Moreover, Master Changan Motors is the sector’s first to design and sell an SUV in the global market; other businesses will follow suit.

After China, Pakistan is the only country that produces and exports Changan Oshan x7. It is a significant achievement for the country.

Furthermore, the firm joyfully celebrates its success. The company held a ceremony to commemorate its first delivery to the Oceania area.

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The vehicle meets worldwide safety and driving requirements. It boasts a turbo engine, auto cruise control, a collision warning system, and several other security measures.

“We are thrilled and pleased to steer Pakistan into a new phase for the car sector and make its imprint on a global level,” said the company’s CEO.

He claims to locally manufacture many more autos for export.

In recent years, the prices of automobiles have significantly increased by manifolds. The reason for the increase in the prices is due to a large number of imports of cars. The dollar price is increasing on daily basis and the auto industry considers it as a justification to increase prices.

Prices may decline and the economy will function better now that the export of domestically manufactured cars will start.

The automobile sector in Pakistan should also incorporate new and creative technology. Along with regular autos, it should focus on electric vehicles, which are the world’s future.



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