Hareem Shah, a TikTok celebrity, broke her silence on her marriage rumours on Monday, after it was revealed that she had married a PPP member of the provincial assembly (MPA) from Sindh.

The TikToker told a local news programme that her husband was well-known, an MPA, a PPP member, a provincial minister, and also had a high political status.

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“My spouse is already married, and I am a plain and forthright person. He’ll persuade his first wife, and we’ll reveal the specifics in a week “When queried about her husband’s name, she stated.

“I’ll share photographs from the occasion with my followers as soon as can,” she added, adding that her husband was present at today’s Sindh Assembly session.

Hareem said that her husband was outspoken on topics pertaining to Karachi or Pakistan. When asked about their age group, the TikToker revealed that her hubby and she has a significant age gap.

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“His marriage is only known to his closest friends […] There was no sign of Bilawal Bhutto. During the wedding, a prominent female PPP politician was also there “she stated

“We’re travelling to Turkey on July 4th, and we’ll disclose the specifics when we get back,” Hareem added. The TikToker declined to say which constituency or district her spouse belonged to when asked.

Her wedding took place in Karachi, according to Hareem Shah.


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