According to the Higher Education Commission (HEC), most universities in the country are unprepared for online learning.

Only 40 out of 205 institutions have fully working Learning Management Systems (LMS) to enable online education, according to HEC data.

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Universities in Pakistan, like the rest of the globe, have been compelled to transition to online education in order to safeguard students, instructors, and staff from the Coronavirus epidemic.

The World Bank has pledged $400 million to reorganise Pakistan’s higher education sector, which would include the introduction of a new component aimed at ensuring uninterrupted education for all people in crises, such as the COVID-19.

This component will cost $93 million to implement and will enable all institutions in the country to provide online instruction in the event of unforeseeable crises or institution lockdowns.

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The World Bank has so far given $65 million to enhance research excellence in critical sectors of the economy, improve teaching and learning, and boost higher education governance.

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