To no surprise, India wants to ban all brands, including KFC, for endorsing Kashmir day. Anyone promoting Kashmir day will face a ban. 5th February marks national Kashmir Day. This day is dedicated to showing solidarity with Kashmiris. Slogans like ‘Kashmir banay ga Pakistan’ are raised and rallies are carried throughout the country.

Last year, KFC shared a post on February 5,2021 and a similar post re-surfaced this year. “You never left our minds, and we pray that the future years bring you serenity” the message said.

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KFC post on Kashmir Day

The picture with which the post was shared had imprinted; “Kashmir belongs to the Kashmiris.” The tweet resurfaced on Twitter this year as well, and KFC faced backlash by many Indians.

KFC faced a barrage by the keyboard warriors, saying it is a very sensitive matter and should not be casually discussed. The post went viral, and, 75,400 people tweeted #BoycottKFC.

Following the league, Hyundai, the second-largest car manufacturer, has called criticism to itself. A Hyundai dealer located in Pakistan posted a message on the company’s official social media accounts.

Hyundai post on Kashmir day

“Let us honour the sufferings of our Kashmiri brethren and stand in solidarity with them as they continue their battle for independence,” the caption said.

KIA, a brand associated with Hyundai Corporation, also shared a similar post.

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However, on receiving awfully abusive and unpredictable backlash, Hyundai had to take down its post. India has its root and Hyundai cannot cut its own roots.

Therefore, as a gesture of good will, Hyundai India released an official statement highlighting their commitment to the Indian market for the past 25 years.

Past the post, KFC has also offered a public apology to its Indian customers.

Indians have no tolerance for these brands supporting Kashmir, and want them to be banned from India. Indians have joined together and pledged to not buy from any of the Multinationals supporting Kashmir issue.




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