Islamabad Eat 2022 returns after a long wait, and the residents of the twin cities are upset with the administration and the festival as a whole.

The food festival faced a natural setback on the very first day. Citizens of Islamabad and Rawalpindi were unable to attend the event due to rain. People raising their voices said that the management should monitor weather forecast before finalizing dates.

However, the event’s administration, implementing a family-friendly rule, did not allow single males to enter. As per administration, the rule was set in response to public’s backlash after previous food festivals. There were reports of girls getting harassed by the boys during the event.

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The admins of Islamabad Eat prohibited stags from entering the premises alone. Males were to bring a female relative or friend along in order to enjoy the festival.

Moreover, individuals and groups of men with tickets in bulk, being oblivious of this rule, faced inconvenience. Unable to enter the event, clusters of boys around the entrance made it difficult for families to pass through. All those unable to enter, started selling their tickets as they were left with no choice.

People really aren’t happy with management’s abrupt decision. Buying tickets in advance, they were looking forward to spending a pleasant time with family and friends.

Furthermore, there is a lack of amusement and leisure activities in Pakistan. Rules of this kind can create resentment within the public.

Islamabad Eat being one of the most thrilling events didn’t live up to its name. It no mystery that very few number of people were able to enjoy the event.
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