Hair extensions are a trend nowadays. It’s taking over the world of fashion. Not only are they a fashion statement but also spare the damage hair styling can cause.  Due to work requirements and continuous styling, it is very common for celebrities to put on wigs and hair extensions.

Hair extensions, on the other hand, are not for everyone. On a talk show, Javeria Saud talks about her bad experience with hair extensions.

In Pakistan’s entertainment business, Javeria Saud is an eminent actor. She is famous for her roles in classic drama serials and appears frequently on morning shows. Javeria possesses a contagious enthusiasm that her admirers adore.

Recently, Javeria made an appearance on the Nida Yasir’s show. Various celebrities were invited and each one was asked to share a list of things that do not suit their body type. All celebrities shared the things to which they are allergic. In her turn, Javeria reveals that she suffers from a cervical disease.

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During the show, Javeria shares her bad experience with permanent hair extensions. She got hair extensions for her brother’s wedding. The extensions were beautiful and styled well. Unfortunately, Javeria being a patient with cervical pain could not take the burden of holding those extensions.

With the passage of time, the discomfort became more severe, and she was forced to cut the extensions at midnight since she couldn’t wait any longer. Further, Javeria mentions that the severe pain didn’t let her sit or stand. Every part of her body was aching and she had no option but to cut it.

Lastly, the hosts and other guests felt sad for their friend after hearing the story. It is not common knowledge that hair extensions worsen cervical pain. The show on allergies was very informative to many people. It is important to create awareness of what things can be dangerous for one’s health.




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