Moeed Yusuf, Prime Minister’s National Security Adviser, claimed on Sunday that the perpetrator behind Lahore’s Johar Town bombing is an Indian national with direct, unfiltered ties to RAW.

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Yusuf also talked in English during the briefing to ensure that the world audience understood the findings. “I want to make sure that our message is received very clearly, that this specific event on the 23rd of June in Lahore,” he stated in a speech.

We have substantial information and intelligence, including financial and phone records, indicating direct Indian backing of these terrorists.”

Before Yusuf was informed of the incident, Inam Ghani, Inspector of General Police, described the circumstances that led up to the explosion.

Ghani also stated that the terrorists responsible for the explosion had been apprehended, naming ‘Peter’ as the key suspect. He also arranged for the vehicle.

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