According to Lahore police, a lady who accused a family member of raping her has now consented to marry him.

On Thursday, police detained a guy accused of raping a “family friend” who had returned from the United Kingdom and was living with his family.

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According to the police, the incident occurred in Lahore’s Wahadat Colony.

According to police, the woman had travelled from the United Kingdom to attend her father’s burial. The woman’s stepmother, on the other hand, evicted her from the residence. According to her police testimony, she then went to the house of her father’s acquaintance, when the suspect reportedly raped her.

The police stated on Saturday that they determined the woman had no ties to the United Kingdom.

Several cases have been lodged against her at several police stations in Lahore, according to the police.

The lady supplied a false identity for herself in the rape FIR she filed. According to the authorities, she scribbled her father’s name instead of her own.

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According to law enforcement, once the guy she claimed raped her was detained and interviewed, it was discovered that she had supplied inaccurate information, including a fraudulent ID card number, in order to lodge a complaint.

In addition, the cellphone number given in the FIR was inaccurate. According to the authorities, the woman also refused to get a medical checkup.

The accused has rejected the rape accusations levelled against him.

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