Meera, a well-known Pakistani star, has entered the world of fashion with her declaration that she will soon launch her own clothing and lipstick line.

“I’m in America, Houston, Texas,” the actress wrote on Instagram on Friday. I’ve been invited by the Pakistan Consulate, and we’re planning a couture week. “I’m launching my own apparel and makeup brand,” she says, adding, “I’m launching my own website and YouTube channel soon.”


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Furthermore, she explained that she came to America with the invitation of Rehan Siddiqui, with whom she would collaborate on a number of projects in the near future.

The actress also announced, “Me & Rehan are working on a short film that we will make here in America, I will launch my own clothing line & lipstick brand Meera jee lipstick. We are working for Aman, Peace, Social work.”


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