The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, announces closure of NCOC. He congratulates NCOC on completing its purpose. With a countrywide decline in covid infections and NCOC swift action to limit the cases, the NCOC has done its job well. Government effective measures are resulting in fruitful outcome.

During the peak in Covid cases, the government establishes the committee on Imran Khan’s directions. The sole purpose of the committee was to take effective measures to stop the wide spread of disease. Asad Umar took the charge of chairman of the NCOC. In the tweet, Imran Khan wrote; “Today, as NCOC closes down, I want to congratulate the NCOC team & it’s ldership for a professional, nationally-coordinated response to the pandemic.”

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Prior to the tweet of Imran Khan, the chairman also thanked Allah for his countless blessings; “With Allah’s mercy & support of the entire nation, we have been able to overcome this unprecedented challenge.”

Further, the whole world recognizes Pakistan for it’s super active counter action to the pandemic. Pakistan tops list the countries that have tackled the disease well.

The decision of closing NCOC was on the cards since the beginning of the year. The action of closing down was set out in stages. Firstly, lifting all restrictions relating to COVID, and observing its implications closely. After significant reduction in cases, the government finally announced closure of NCOC.

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As per reports, the government, might establish a monument  to commemorate Pakistan’s victory in the struggle against covid.

The pandemic, creating global crises, took the lives of millions of people. Initially, the disease spread out from China. It showed its early signs in Pakistan in 2020 and since then 5 waves of the disease have hit the country. Infecting more than 1.5 million people and killing over 30,000 across Pakistan.

Government taking control over it is very fortunate. The first case in the country was witnessed on February 26, 2020 and a month after a forum was formed which has been in place to date. NCOC has hugely helped the country in overcoming the pandemic.


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