The distinguished actress Neelam Muneer once more inspires the internet with her noble gesture. This time it is not because of her acting skills or a leak of a dance video but her kind-heartedness. It is for her love for the poor and needy.

This Ramadan Neelam visits various slums of Karachi. She cherishes her days of the holy month with the poor and the deserving. This revelation was made by the ‘Chakar’ actress in an Instagram post. She shared her routine throughout the holy month and requested her followers to help and support the needy.

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“This Ramadan I was able to walk in the poor areas of our city and it opened my eyes,” wrote the actor sporting a black dress.

Neelam is indeed a true depiction of the purpose of the holy month. Ramadan is not a month of starvation rather the purpose is to feel the pain of brothers and sisters in need. The month encourages unity, and visiting slums and spending Ramadan with the poor is a prime example of this.

While there is hate for the actress “showing off” her personal affairs and deeds. There is more love and blessing outpouring through her post. People are praising Neelam Muneer for her kind-heartedness and are more inclined to continue the chain of humanitarian services.

Neelam has proven herself as the most versatile performer in the industry. She is not only exceptional at acting but also her dance skills are amazing. She is all set to be back on the big screen after a long break in an Eid release “Chakkar”. Her acting in ‘Dil Mom ka Diya’ was exceptional; the actress was nominated in lux style awards for her role.

The actress has a huge fan following, she has 6.1 million followers on Instagram.



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