With over 2,400 Pakistani students and families stuck in war-torn Ukraine were securely relocated to Poland, according to Dr Noel Israel Khokhar, Pakistan’s diplomat to Ukraine.

Dr Khokhar in an audio note on his Twitter states that there are already over 3,000 Pakistani students studying in Ukraine. The majority of them were secure despite the country’s difficult situation.

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PIA is launching two specialized aircraft to rescue Pakistanis stuck in war stricken Ukraine. Special commercial jets will arrive at Poland’s capital, Warsaw. As per CEO PIA, jets will bring back stuck Pakistanis on 27 of February.

As per CEO, PIA is constantly in contact with Pakistan’s consulate officials in Ukraine. Moreover, he explains that planes will land in Warsaw, as cities close to border of Ukraine and Poland can not facilitate big planes.

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Ukraine’s residents sought cover in basements and subway stations to keep themselves safe. Horror of death made people take shelters. Furthermore, around sixty-five, mainly students, were rescued from the country under attack.

Warsaw releasing statement said that it’s permitting Pakistanis to enter by land. Meanwhile, limitation of testing and vaccination were lift due to emergency circumstance.




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