Pakistan makes a significant improvement in the Global tourism index. It is now 6 steps up in the index. The travel and tourism development index (TTDI) is a global report built on various factors.

The environmental and infrastructural factors determine a country’s ranking globally. Pakistan is a perfect tourist spot. Its geolocation is an ideal one having beautiful scenery, mountains, water, desert, and many hidden spots. Pakistan is also home to the second-highest mountain range in the world.

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This year’s TTDI includes 117 nations and Pakistan’s rating has risen from 89 to 83. Japan, the United States, and Spain retain the top three spots. The Pakistani Travel and Development Authority revealed the report. “A six-point improvement in Pakistan’s standing on the worldwide travel and tourism index is quite a big breakthrough. Pakistan is currently among the nations in the Asia Pacific territory that have improved their rating the most since 2019,” mentions the PTDC executive.

Furthermore, previous Prime Minister Imran Khan and his government are significantly responsible for the progress. During Khan’s reign, he worked hard to improve Pakistan’s image. He is the reason the world observes Islamophobia Day. Imran Khan spoke about the lovely nation on global venues, improving the country’s image. Imran Khan’s accomplishments include the creation of new parks, the planting of trees, the establishment of safety hotlines, and infrastructural improvements.

Data exchange is becoming extremely convenient in the digital media era. Moreover, many international vloggers are visiting Pakistan in recent years and are attempting to provide a favorable picture of the country to the rest of the globe Luke Damant and Drew Binsky are two famous bloggers who visited Pakistan, encouraging tourism. Further, these vloggers visit various tourist attractions and share their experiences with the rest of the globe via their social media profiles.

Lastly, with additional advances in the coming years, the ranking is projected to rise even higher.



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