Pakistani men are hurt as Turkish actress Esra Bilgic aka Halime Sultan appears in a Victoria’s Secret commercial. In Pakistan, the Turkish actress is known as “Halime Sultan” for her role in the Ertugrul series. The moral police are furious after Esra posted about her collaboration with Victoria’s Secret on her social media account.

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Esra’s association with Victoria’s Secret, a lingerie brand, is objectionable to Pakistani males. Fans typically associate celebrities with the roles they play, and they associate Esra with Halime.

People don’t comprehend that she has a life outside it. Halime was simply another one of Esra’s characters. It’s not the first time she’s facing criticism for her personal and professional decisions. Pakistani men believe Esra is misleading them and that their allegiance is under threat. Some followers are sceptical that it is Halime, writing, “It can’t be our Halime Sultan.”

Previously, Esra Bilgic issued a cease-and-desist request to all moral police. “Let me give you some advice: don’t follow me,” she remarked in an Instagram storey.

Moreover, living up to the public’s expectations can be exhausting at times. The public forgets that celebrities are also people.

Further, VJ Anoushey Asraf seems to come to the foreign actor’s aid. She just asks Pakistani men the reason for not unfollowing her. “Why don’t guys unfollow her?”

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Esra Bilgic also collaborates with Pakistani brands. She has served as the face of a well-known Pakistani apparel brand. Ayesha Omar is the first Pakistani actress she follows on Instagram.

To sum up, foreign celebrities visit Pakistan for work, and harassing them reflects poorly on the country. Following and appreciating a celebrity is one thing, but criticizing and threatening them because of their professional decisions is a felony.




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