According to the world forum, 22 Pakistani universities rank among the best education institutes worldwide. A report by US News and World Reports mentions this data. It is the best-ranking guide with worldwide recognition.

Moreover, Pakistani universities always manage to appear in Global Rankings each year. Despite the poor economic and social condition of the country, the education sector is performing well.

Below is the list of Pakistani universities with their global rankings:

Sr. No. University Ranking
1. Quaid-e-Azam University 461
2. Aga Khan University 473
3. COMSATS University Islamabad 495
4. National University of Sciences and Technology 922
5. University of Peshawar 933
6. University of Agriculture Faisalabad 954
7. Government College (GC) University Faisalabad 1,149
8. University of Punjab 1,242
9. Bahauddin Zakariya University 1,368
10. University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Lahore 1,458
11. University of Karachi 1,543
12. University of Lahore 1,562
13. University of Sargodha 1,664
14. Government College (GC) University Lahore 1,739
15. Arid Agriculture University Unranked
16. Dow University of Health Sciences Unranked
17. University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Taxila Unranked


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Furthermore, Quaid-e-Azam University is the top research university in Pakistan and ranks at 461 on a global scale. It stands on the top among other Pakistani universities. Likewise, it is the largest and highest rank public university in the country.

Further, the global ranking considers 13 key factors. The university’s reputation and publication globally are the key performance indicators. Moreover, the ranking incorporates 2000 universities from 90 countries worldwide.

Additionally, the global education ranking is an eye-opener for the country. It indicates the educational condition and the literacy rate of a country.

During the tenure of PM Imran Khan, special attention has been given to the education sector. Moreover, the Government is ensuring education in rural and backward areas of the country. Authorities are continuously formulating multiple schemes to educate the less fortunate. For example, ‘Hunarmand Naujwan’ is a project in which the government is providing free of cost education.

The literacy rate is significantly improving over the years. As per reports for 2021-2022, Pakistan’s literacy rate is 59.13%. In fact,  there is a 50%-70% increase in males and females.

To summarize, education plays a pivotal role in the development of any economy. A significant focus should be placed on improving the education system of the country so that Pakistan can raise more human capital and the economy could prosper.





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