A group of students and workers at the International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) reportedly groped and sexually abused a Quaid-e-Azam University student.

According to sources, a Quaid-e-Azam University student was living at the Islamic University’s hostel. After the student attempted to defend himself, the event was brought to the attention of the university administration.

For two days, the government attempted to conceal the occurrence. On June 18, two Islamic Institution students, Muhammad Ibrahim Khan and Mahmood Ashraf were dismissed from the university during a meeting of the Student Disciplinary Committee.

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According to sources, the administration attempted to hide the problem rather than file an FIR with the appropriate police station, demonstrating the university’s carelessness.

According to a source, the accused Ibrahim is the brother of Yousuf, a hostel employee, and was residing at the hostel unlawfully. Yusuf is a close associate to provost Dr Abrar Anwar and was chosen as the hostel’s caretaker in Grade 16. Dr Abrar had already been dismissed from his position for allegedly accepting bribes.

Yusuf has been seen on camera allowing his siblings and friends to remain at the hostel illegally, raising worries about security.

According to sources, Colonel Amjad, the current head of security, was reassigned following several unpleasant occurrences at the dormitory. Colonel Amjad eventually retired from the university, but university vice president Dr Nabi Bux Jumani made aggressive efforts to re-appoint him despite the fact that he had beyond his retirement age and had broken court orders.

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Dr Jumani’s immoral videos have already surfaced. Dr Zafar Iqbal, the previous president of the Academic Staff Association, informed the president and rector about the issue of informal letters. Dr Muhammad Mushtaq, an associate professor in the university’s law department, also alerted higher authorities to the situation.

The controversy has also been brought before a subcommittee of the National Assembly’s standing committee, although the university’s president and rector have remained mute on the subject.

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