In Pakistan’s entertainment business, Saba Qamar is a famous and brilliant actor. She is eminent for her adaptable nature and ability to blend in seamlessly with any character. Saba starred in a number of plays, including “Baaghi” and “Cheekh.” She’s also done cross-border work in India.

Saba returns with a success on both the big and small screen after a long layoff. She took on a number of projects, and it is fair to say that her performance remains outstanding.

Her film ‘Ghabrana Nahi hai’ released on Eid, and she has been marketing it for several months. She appeared for an interview with the online portal as part of a series of advertisements. The interviewer pressed her about her provocative sequences in the Indian film throughout the interview.

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Saba Qamar is a daring actress who frequently receives criticism for her indecent attire. Questioning about her bold part in an Indian film, Saba’s response stunned everyone. It wasn’t the kind of reply any of her followers for years would expect.

Saba gently mentions that she was not comfortable wearing a gown. Moreover, she is of Eastern descent and is not prone to wearing exposing undergarments. The atmosphere, on the other hand, was such that she eventually felt at ease, albeit she hesitated at first. Even the host was taken aback by the actress from the Baaghi drama’s response.


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“It was a little provocative sequence for me because of that too-short night costume. You realize that we do not have the thing of movies in Pakistan, also, we are not easy to wear such garments and represent such bold sequences. I personally am uncomfortable doing such scenes as we don’t do such portrayals here, but it went comfortably so I was okay, later on,” Saba says.

Her comment startles the internet. Netizens do not believe her remark to be accurate.




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