Sara Shakeel, a Pakistani ‘crystal designer,’ has had her work published in Vogue, the holy grail of fashion magazines.

Shakeel’s art, which was influenced by the magazine’s own recent cover shoot of Billie Eilish, was described as a stunning salute to the seven-time Grammy winner by British Vogue, which she described as her favourite.

Centred in London, Shakeel, a Pakistani genius, is an excitingly experimental and original artist who works with dazzling crystals and impactful photographs using new media tools to create convincing visual treats that make the thumb avoid scrolling and the eyes open. Her most recent project, which received praise, was a reproduction of Eilish’s recent cover shoot.

She created three pieces, one of which commands focus and is layered on three of Eilish’s photos from the shoot.


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When the editors of British Vogue saw these stunning designs, they contacted Shakeel, and we can’t say we blame them.

“Little did I imagine, my passion and crazy admiration for Billie Eilish will land me an interview with one of my favourite magazines!” exclaimed an excited Shakeel as she revealed the publication of her interview, calling it a “surprise.”

“[Sara Shakeel] kept the transition trend going by doing what she does best: make the pop star sparkle.” Quite literally.

“It took three hours of nonstop digital rhinestoneing, using modern spinning effects befitting Billie’s reinvention,” the magazine of her art reported.

Shakeel’s career and journey through the years were covered extensively in the magazine. They described her artistic style as “anything but elitist.” They used her side project @glitterstretchmarks to back up their point, in which she celebrates stretch marks in the hopes of ‘healing through art.’


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