Pakistani 2020 Drama ‘Haqeeqat-Judwa’ clip goes viral on Twitter. If you have come across two names Shiza and Fizza on social media, do not be surprised. They’re twin sisters who accidentally marry each other’s husband, wreaking mayhem and controversy across the country.

There’s a clip from A-Plus TV’s 2020 drama ‘Haqeeqat-Judwa’ that’s circulating on social media right now. The clip shows the bride freaking out because she has entered her brother-in-law’s room, and he considers her to be his wife. She causes a scene on her wedding night when she realizes her groom is actually her brother-in-law — twin sisters’ married into the same house — and the scene has netizens’ heads twirling.

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The scene resembles so much to an Indian soap. Would it be wrong to say it is the rebirth of Star Plus?

Shiza and Fizza, twin sisters, marry two brothers, Zain and Faraz, without even seeing them. To undermine the marriage, one of the men’s cousins, who is in love with one of the brothers, cleverly changes the two brides and sends them to the incorrect rooms on their wedding night. It sure is an evil and dramatic plot.

The drama ‘Judwa’ is from ‘Haqeeqat’ series. The series shows real life stories of individuals. Hold on a second!! Is this drama based on a true storey?

Twitter isn’t slowing down. The internet is overflowing with memes.

The memes that are going around are hilarious. The twins Shiza and Fizza are being mocked.

Meme on Shiza and Fizza

Meanwhile, some saviours appear to be stepping in to give much-needed perspective. Having information didn’t make the drama sound any better, either.

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Others are talking about messed up logic.

We couldn’t stop giggling at the memes. After seeing the drama footage, everyone was certain to experience the same set of feelings.



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