Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik and the blunt actress Ushna Shah appeared on a morning show. Shoaib Malik reveals the secret to a fair-skinned baby while talking to the host.

Shoaib Malik is the husband of an international star and tennis player Sania Mirza. The couple of Shoaib and Sania is very famous in India and Pakistan. Sania Mirza is the “Bhabhi” of Pakistan and Shoaib is the “Behnoi” of India.

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The two have an adorable son named Izhan Malik. Ever since marriage, Shoaib and Sania stay in the news headlines for one reason or the other. This time two are on the radar for enlightening on birthing a fair-skinned tot.

Shoaib Malik reveals on the morning show that his mother-in-law used to force Sania to eat a lot of apples throughout her pregnancy to birth a fair child. “For our son’s fair skin, my mother-in-law fed Sania a lot of apples,” Shoaib explained.

Ushna Shah, sitting next to Shoaib, was taken aback by the revelation and recounted her recent experience of being harassed for her dark hands. Nida Yasir, the host, also shed light on her experiences with dark skin. She tells how people show hate if one part of the body colour is different from the other. Only fair skin is socially acceptable.

Shoaib Malik made many revelations on the show. On the same show with Nida, Shoaib advised all wives to let their husbands free and allow them to do whatever pleases them. On being probed, he illustrated everything should be acceptable within a limit.

Sania Mirza often shares pictures and videos of her son Izhan on her social media account. The young boy is surely adorable but we are not sure if it’s the apples that worked or a different tone would have made him less cute.







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