Matriculation examination papers leaked in Sindh, despite the administration’s ongoing efforts to protect fairness. It’s that time of year again when thousands of kids take their intermediate exams. The rumor has spread that the computer studies exam question paper got out ahead of the test.

The exam was set to begin at 9:30 a.m., and the question paper was available 15 minutes before the exam. According to statistics, almost 350,000 students registered to take matriculation examinations.

The paper was out on social media. Despite the ban on phones in the exam hall, students used them for cheating. The Sindh government enacts Section 144 to combat cheating and ensure fair and transparent examinations.

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The mathematics paper from last week leaked in Punjab, forcing the exam to be rescheduled. The question paper was out a few hours before the exam.  The Pakistani government fails to hold fair exams. Teachers and invigilators also take part in these malicious activities.

The nation’s youth is its integral part. The future of the country is dependent on its youngsters. However, a clear and honest educational system is essential to educate the youth, which the government is failing to deliver.

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The nation’s educational system is already deficient, and such instances further tarnish and weaken the sector, exacerbating the problem. Pakistan’s literacy rate is 72.5 percent for males and 51.8 percent for females. To increase the percentage of literates in the country, the education sector requires special attention. Government must create additional educational facilities. Transparent and free education must be accessible to everyone.

Sindh is famous for such heinous crimes. Such regions need special attention, and extra precautions are necessary to avoid similar incidents in the future.





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