A Tik Tok star named Shehzad Ahmad allegedly took his life in the area of Tehkal in Peshawar because of getting rejection of his marriage proposal.  Shahzad Ahmad who was just the age of 20 had 0.3 million followers on Tik Tok. Previously he had done the same act but was saved.

The police said that his brother named Sajjad had filed a complaint about his brother on Saturday who was found hanging from the ceiling in the room of his house. He immediately rushed to the hospital, but the doctors declared him dead. The brother told the police that Shahzad was madly in love with a 16-year-old girl, but her father paid no heed and constantly rejected his proposal which Shahzad could not stand and committed suicide. The police investigation has started.

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A friend of Shahzad, Amir told the media that he is being followed by several fans on the Tik Tok app, and two years back he was approached by a fangirl. There was a good bond of friendship between them however, the girl is still studying in school. Considering the age of the girl the proposal of Shahzad was turned down the girl backed off from talking or meeting him and he ate 50 pills but was saved. After a while, they started talking again. Then again, he proposed her, and she deliberately put it down, leaving Shahzad to hang himself.

Amir added that the parents of the girl objected to Shahzad for using Tik Tok and wasting his time on it. Shahzad deleted his Tik Tok account with 0.3 million followers, yet he could not win the hearts and got a refusal.

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Amir objected that the parents were fine with the expensive gifts their daughter used to receive from Shahzad which led him to develop feelings for the girl. He also told that he was a partner with him in his online store with Shahzad and having a good business.

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