Making TikTok videos is becoming more popular in Pakistan. Youth and even celebrities are shifting from other social media platforms to TikTok. The video-sharing platform evolved into a means of making money, and everyone is competing to create better videos and earn more.

Three TikTokers set the Margalla hills on fire in order to create buzz and make the clip go popular. Dolly, the TikToker, and her friends set fire to the shrubs in the Margalla Hills, Islamabad.

Dolly posted the clip to her social media profile with “Pasoori” as the background song, walking beside the burning bushes and showcasing the outfit. The video went viral within minutes, and Dolly and her friends were chastised for their callous behavior.

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Further, a petition is filed to have her and the other two behind the bars. The wildlife board is on the lookout for the TikTokers and wants the judicial system to help them. “This is a worrisome & catastrophic trend on Tik Tok!” commented the chairwoman of the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board on Twitter, sharing the video. During this hot and dry season, hungry followers are setting fire to our woodlands!” She demands that legislation must be in place to prevent future events of this nature.

Moreover, even well-known journalists like Hamid Mir criticized the incident and called for their arrest.

Further, police issues arrest warrants after registering an FIR. One of the three TikTokers is behind the bars, and the police are on the lookout for the remaining.

TikTok also released a public notice following the violent incident, expressly prohibiting any types of aggressive and dangerous clips. This isn’t the first time hills are set on fire for publicity reasons; similar instances have occurred in the past. To put an end to it, Pakistan’s government must take strong measures.











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