During the Halloween holiday, at least 12 people were killed and 52 were injured in gun violence around the United States.

The Gun Violence Dataset, which tracks mass shootings in the United States involving four or more victims, reports a variety of circumstances; in the Chicago suburb of Joliet Township, Illinois, someone fired shots from an outdoor Halloween party’s backyard porch, near where a DJ stand had been set up, and killed two party goers, a man, and a woman, both 22.

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Twelve more people were injured in the rush to safety. Police believe gang activity was involved in the shooting, but no arrests have been made.

A gunshot at a big gathering of people in Decatur, Illinois, left one man in serious condition and three others with non-life threatening injuries.

In Texas, one person was killed, and nine people were injured in a shooting at a Halloween party at an event centre near the Texas-Arkansas border.

Two individuals were killed, and two others were injured in what authorities believe was an attempted murder-suicide in Colorado.

In California, three people were killed and eight more were injured in separate incidents.

According to the Archive, 599 mass shootings have occurred in 2021, greatly exceeding the 417 mass shootings in 2019 and putting 2021 on course to surpass the 611 mass shootings in 2020.

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Researchers have long attributed the surge in shootings to the coronavirus pandemic’s social and economic stresses.

On Friday, the Mayor of St. Louis, Missouri’s largest city, was speaking to media about gun violence prevention when she was interrupted by loud gunshots from behind her.

Tishaura Jones said, “Oh, isn’t it wonderful?” without flinching.

When questioned if she felt secure standing there, she answered, “I don’t know.” “Every night, my kid and I fall asleep to the lullaby of gunfire in the distance. It’s become a part of my existence, which should not be the case.”


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