The Women University Swabi in KhyberPakhtun Khawa (KPK) province prohibits the use of smartphones. The girls at the campus now can not use cell phones on the university premises.

University issues A notice of the prohibition to all pupils. The restriction emerges as a result of a decline in scholar performance.

“It is announced for the knowledge of all students that cellphones, touchscreen smartphones, or tablet devices will not be permitted on the campus of Women University Swabi with effect from 20th April 2022,” the notification stated.

Notification of university stateing the ban on mobile phones

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Anyone not following the SOPs will face a fine of PKR 5000. The faculty realizes drop in the performance of the students is a result of continuous use of social media. Students are busy using social apps that in turn reduce their attention span leading to the development of a weak personality. Therefore, restricting the use of cell phones is mandatory.

On the contrary, the Women University Swabi students express their discontent with the new policy. Students need smart gadgets for research work and study purposes. Completely limiting the gadgets would further drop their performance.

Educational institutes especially universities are now implementing strict SOPs to maintain decorum. Wearing formal clothes, restrictions on makeup, and on-campus identity cards are some of the rules universities are introducing. Students in Peshawar universities are facing these restrictions since 2021. After another year, they are now facing the prohibition of smartphones.

While it is important to take the necessary step to maintain discipline, completely restricting students from using smart gadgets is unfair. Students believe that educational institutions have forgotten their priorities.

If seen from a broad spectrum, the institutes are not completely wrong; recently a gay party was organized at a famous university in Karachi. Awareness is increasing day by day and to control such activities from wide-spreading, it is important to keep a check. Having said that, balance is important.




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